Sprite Yoga Companion Kit

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Προσαρμογή Sprite Yoga Companion Kit
Sprite Foam Yoga Brick   + 5,00 €
Sprite Foam Roller   + 19,00 €

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Sprite Yoga Companion Kit
Sprite Yoga Companion Kit

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61,00 €


    A well-rounded yoga workout takes more than a mat. The Sprite Yoga Companion Kit helps stock your studio with the basics you need for a full-range workout. The kit is composed of four best-selling Luma Sprite accessories in one easy bundle: statis ball, foam block, yoga strap, and foam roller. Choose sizes and colors and leave the rest to us. The kit includes:

    • Sprite Statis Ball
    • Sprite Foam Yoga Brick
    • Sprite Yoga Strap
    • Sprite Foam Roller
    Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
    Activity Yoga, Gym
    Material Μ/Δ Μή Διαθέσιμο
    Φύλο Men, Women, Unisex
    Κατηγορία Exercise
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